Watch a demo video of Profit Rhino’s flat rate price book and sales presentation tool!

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Introducing the Profit Rhino + FieldWorx Integration.

A powerful combination that will take your profitability to the next level. Profit Rhino’s flat rate pricing and sales presentation tool opens from inside your FieldWorx app, making a seamless integration.

Why use flat rate pricing?

Flat rate pricing is the best way to present time and material pricing upfront. 92% of homeowners prefer upfront pricing, but only 20% of home service contractors offer it! 

Flat rate also:

  • Increases profitability 
  • Improves efficiency 
  • Removes conflict between tech & homeowner

What's different about Profit Rhino's flat rate?

Profit Rhino’s flat rate is now powered by the experts that wrote the book on flat rate, Callahan Roach and their 30 years of experience. 

Other top differences:

  • Prebuilt & concise
  • Quarterly pricing updates
  • Fully customizable 
  • OEM pricing 

What else can Profit Rhino do for you?

Profit Rhino’s sales presentation tool gives you the ability to quickly offer options to homeowners.When you offer options, 60% of the time homeowners will choose something better than the basic repair, increasing your average ticket by $100s.  

With the sales presentation tool you can also:

  • Collect diagnosis fee & signature 
  • Offer service agreements and financing
  • Present, email or print the professional options presentation 

Watch a demo to see how easy it is to offer flat rate pricing and options to homeowners!