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Plumbing flat rate pricing

Plumbing flat rate pricing

What is plumbing flat rate pricing?

It’s a way to invoice homeowners time and material pricing for plumbing repairs and installations, in one price.

It’s also a way to present a price before starting your job, by using the average time and material it takes to complete a plumbing task. This way there is no bill shock for the customer.

Many think plumbing flat rate is just a way to gouge pricing, but it’s a myth. We’ve debunked the myths for you, click the button to download!

How do you decide pricing for your plumbing business?

How to set plumbing pricing is one of the biggest questions in the industry. With flat rate pricing you have the visibility to your margins and the power to make sure you’re covering costs.

“My plumbing business was going down the toilet, literally. My service manager had been harping on me about using plumbing flat rate pricing. Glad I listened to him, he was able to take control of our margins in the plumbing department, saving it.”

Plumbing flat rate pricing
Plumbing flat rate pricing

Looking for a plumbing price book?

Don’t waste 100’s of hours customizing a plumbing flat rate book from a free template or carrying around a heavy paper price book.

Switch to digital, up-to-date, flat rate book that you can fully customize to your business. You up and running in one day!


Watch a demo to see plumbing flat rate in action! Find out how easy it is to be sure your pricing is accurate and profitable.