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Electrical flat rate pricing

Electrical flat rate pricing

What is electrical flat rate pricing?

With flat rate pricing, electrical companies can ensure they cover their time and material costs for repairs and installations.

Putting the costs in one price, by using the average time and it takes to complete an electrical task, you can present pricing to the client upfront. This way there are no surprises with the homeowner gets the invoice.

A fear of switching to electrical flat rate pricing is techs will be resistant, but it’s a myth. We’ve debunked the myths for you!

How do you decide pricing for your electrical home service business?

Electrical home service businesses often struggle with how to set their prices to cover costs. Electrical flat rate pricing allows you to have control over how to set your pricing, by giving you visibility to you margins.

“Owning a one-man electrical business is hard enough. The wife helps when she can, but I never get ahead because she ends up dealing with angry emails and reviews about how much the repair cost in the end. With electrical flat rate, I can get the customer to agree on a cost upfront, removing all the arguments over the invoice later.”

Electrical flat rate pricing
Electrical flat rate pricing

Looking for an electrical flat rate price book?

Looking for an electrical flat rate price book?

Stop wasting time writing up time and material invoices and dealing with the bill shock later.

Switch to digital, up-to-date, flat rate book that you can fully customize to your business. You up and running in one day!


Watch a demo to see plumbing flat rate in action! Find out how easy it is to be sure your pricing is accurate and profitable. 


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