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A collection of downloads and videos to help you better manage and grow your business.

Guide: How to Build a Successful Service Agreement Program and Grow Your Business
In this guide to service agreements, we give tips on how to build a successful service agreement program that adds value to your customers and increase your business's profitability.
Webinar: 10 Reasons Why You Must Have Service Agreements
Join industry expert Jeremy Lowe as he discusses why it's important to offer service agreements and the steps it takes to create a successful one. You'll learn practical tips on how to calculate service agreement program pricing, and much more.
Whitepaper: The 6 Flat Rate Myths - Debunked
Find out why homeowners, techs, and business owners prefer to use flat rate pricing and how to debunk the myths.
eBook: $100k More in Service Agreements
Struggling to cover costs? Learn how increase your service agreements sales by a $100,000 using these 7 steps.
Webinar: The Power of Positive Pricing
Join Profit Rhino and special guest Matt Michel, as we explore the impact that pricing has on your business, your customers, and your bottom line. Through this webinar you'll learn the psychology behind your customer's perception of pricing, and how to position your services for maximum customer satisfaction and maximum profit.
Whitepaper: How to Increase Your Average Ticket
Download this whitepaper and learn how to increase the average ticket size with your existing customers, boost your bottom line by offering estimate options and more.
Webinar: How to Increase Customer Retention and Maximize Service Calls
Join Profit Rhino and Customer Lobby, to learn how to build a successful customer retention program that includes how to create a profitable and repeatable field process.
Webinar: Hit the Ground Running: 5 Tips to Retaining Customers and Growing Your Profits 2021
Become a student of your business and try out these tips to grow your revenue and retain your high-value customers.
Podcast: Profiles in Prosperity
Profit Rhino’s president, Jose Moreira was featured on the Profiles in Prosperity podcast by Service Roundtable where he discussed everything you need to know about Profit Rhino and flat rate pricing!
Webinar & Worksheet Kit: Field Process Playbook: 6 Winning Plays
These 6 winning plays are the best practices to building a consistent field process and increasing your average ticket by 80%!
Webinar: Are You Charging What You're Worth?
Do you struggle with setting pricing that seems fair to your customers, but profitable for you? In this webinar you learn how to keep your customers happy and set profitable pricing for the value you provide.
eBook: How to Raise Rates and Not Upset Your Customers
Raising your rates doesn’t have to be challenging. By combining flat rate pricing with exceptional customer service, you can successfully raise your rates without upsetting your customers. Learn how flat rate pricing makes it easy to increase your prices.
Webinar & eBook Kit: Pricing for Profit
In this kit, you'll learn the importance of understanding your financials, calculating your break-even point, and how to price your services for profit. Now with bonus Q&A video footage!
Webinar: How To Not Only Survive But Thrive During An Economic Downturn
Want to make sure you have the crucial info covered in the webinar? You can listen to it here!
Webinar: Building Value in Your Service Ticket
Join the pricing experts at Profit Rhino as they explain how to build trust with your customers and value into your service tickets. You’ll learn to combat Buyer’s Remorse and leave homeowners satisfied with your services.
eBook: Boost Your Bottom Line
Improve your cash flow and set the stage for growth at your plumbing business with a few small changes to your operations and Profit Rhino’s powerful flat rate pricing tools. Learn the 8 simple ways you can boost your bottom line today!
Webinar: Increasing Review Velocity by Building Value with Customers
Join Profit Rhino and our friends at pulseM to learn how to improve your customer's perception of the value you provide, and how to leverage the value you've created to increase customer reviews and drive growth.