You have the best pricing plan for your contracting business, or so you thought.  But do you really?  Flat rate pricing is truly a game changer for contracting. Happy customers So what if your customers could choose a price that fits their budget and fixes their problems?  Do you think they’d be happy?  Happy enough […]

Post By: on March 9, 2017

Exercising Caution Roaming through a customer’s home — checking systems or putting stickers on fixtures — is not meant to be a treasure hunt or a license to steal. Technicians only should identify and sell legitimate repair work. Train your technicians to serve customers, not take advantage of them. Made-up jobs or scare tactics may […]

Post By: on March 6, 2017

Other Opportunities Once technicians recognize the potential in add-on sales, they will be willing (and should be trained) to pursue other profit-making and customer-satisfying opportunities. A few examples include: * Grease Faucets For Free Techs can carry a can of grease and offer to lubricate customers’ faucets without charge. Some of those faucets may need […]

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Since most system checks lead to repair (almost three out of four times in our experience), it’s a worthwhile use of the technician’s time. However, he won’t know unless you explain the potential to him. Another advantage to this free check is increased customer benefit. Consider your disappointment and dismay if you had your car […]

Post By: on February 28, 2017

Technician’s Perspective: The Win-Win Outcome Boost profit, customer satisfaction with add-on sales using options © Profit Rhino Visual Flat Rate Price Book System When a homeowner signs off to complete a repair, don’t assume the “selling” part of the work is done. In fact, the opportunity is just beginning to create a win-win outcome for […]

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