Seeing the way some service and repair companies send technicians to customers’ homes is reminiscent of that old expression from Western movies: “Move ‘em out.” But as we’ll explain, there’s a lot more to dispatching technicians than pointing them toward customers and hoping for the best. Today, with customers more discriminating and good technicians in […]

Post By: on August 13, 2017

Training If you ask service and repair company owners about training technicians, they’ll probably assume you mean technical training: the latest knowledge about air conditioning, heating, plumbing or electrical equipment and systems. How many technicians have had even one hour’s training in how to deal with customers’ objections or ways to effectively explain what services […]

Post By: on August 6, 2017

When service businesses’ profits fall short of desires and expectations, I often hear the owner complaining, “I need more sales.” We know more sales don’t always mean more profits; if costs are out of line, additional sales only go so far. However, for the purposes of this discussion, let’s assume you are controlling your expenses […]

Post By: on July 30, 2017

Focusing on Consistency The key rule to follow is consistency. If you pursue the Cadillac-level segment of the market, hoping to keep your margin high, you can’t do it with Chevrolet-level service. Customers recognize what they receive – and how much it differs from what they want. Some want the cheapest choice. That’s OK; let […]

Post By: on July 23, 2017

Mousetrap Myth Revisited Last month, we challenged and debunked the “build-a-better-mousetrap” myth: simply do the best work, and customers will flock to your business and hire you for all their service and repair needs. We concluded that it takes specific customer skills to keep your client pool robust and satisfied. Having the most competent technicians […]

Post By: on July 16, 2017