The Customer’s Perception Because the customer only understands how the technician deals with her, and not necessarily how exacting his work is — so long as it’s not defective — that should be the focus. Once a technician has mastered his craft, it’s time to concentrate on reaching the next level. These days the term […]

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Profit Rhino

Challenging Conventional Wisdom Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door – that’s the conventional wisdom adopted by many business leaders. The underlying idea is that if you offer the most outstanding, innovative products, you’ll be the most successful merchant; customers want to buy from the best. In the […]

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You have the best pricing plan for your contracting business, or so you thought.  But do you really?  Flat rate pricing is truly a game changer for contracting. Happy customers So what if your customers could choose a price that fits their budget and fixes their problems?  Do you think they’d be happy?  Happy enough […]

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Exercising Caution Roaming through a customer’s home — checking systems or putting stickers on fixtures — is not meant to be a treasure hunt or a license to steal. Technicians only should identify and sell legitimate repair work. Train your technicians to serve customers, not take advantage of them. Made-up jobs or scare tactics may […]

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Other Opportunities Once technicians recognize the potential in add-on sales, they will be willing (and should be trained) to pursue other profit-making and customer-satisfying opportunities. A few examples include: * Grease Faucets For Free Techs can carry a can of grease and offer to lubricate customers’ faucets without charge. Some of those faucets may need […]

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