Further Notes on Hiring: Maintain a file labeled “Potential Service Techs” – containing contact information for prospects to call in case of a vacancy. Have three times the number of people you need in the next 12 months. Rate your applicants A, B or C. Never say the word hiring; use the word recruiting instead. […]

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Every owner of a home service company could improve his strategy to some degree when it comes to recruiting and hiring. To assemble the best team, you need solid strategies for attracting the best people. The following tips are the basis for a plan that will turn vacancies into opportunities for positive growth: Hold a […]

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6. Implement Your Service Agreement Program Service agreements provide so many advantages that it’s impossible to list them all here. Foremost, customers pay up front; that’s a dramatic improvement for most businesses because cash flow is usually a concern. Combine that with opportunities to interact with a customer during the year, often when business is […]

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Follow Proven Techniques One sure way to improve your business picture is to follow proven techniques for increasing profits. Although it’s difficult to choose just a handful of good strategies, the following 10 are time-honored favorites. Each has produced financial advantages over the years — and they can for you too. Implementing them is all […]

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Forms Protect Your Business How many times have you heard, “I need a check for  . . ?” In most cases, the need is legitimate and often immediate. However, that’s no way to maintain control of your business. Issuing checks hastily, possibly forgetting to attribute the expense to the proper category, can lead quickly to […]

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