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Profit Rhino™ products, services and systems are designed to remove conflict between your customer and your technician about pricing and Put Money in Your Pocket!  Studies show that using flat rate pricing increases average sale by 30% – 60%.
Our team is excited to provide our clients with technology and tools to grow a profitable service business.

Our Flagship Product

Rhino Menu Pricing™ is our state of the art, cloud based service pricing system.  It can be accessed without buying any software.  We offer a free mobile app to access the price book in the field.  Use our ready to go price books or import data.  Export your data to your field service software.  Optional quote build and bundle build is available.

Meet the Team

We are a team of close friends who have developed products and systems to help service business owners have more than a job…a profitable business that can grow and enrich their lives.

Jose W. Moreira

Jose W. Moreira

Co-Founder CEO

Jose is the brains of the operation!
Passion and attention to detail are his trademark. For Jose, details, big or small, must give you more time & make you more money...period!
Jose breathes new life into the service business with unbounded energy, new ideas & commitment to excellence. Armed with technology, operations experience and an MBA, Jose gives our team an edge above the competitors in the development of our state of the art flagship product Rhino Menu Pricing®. He capitalizes on his previous 13 years at Cleaner’s Supply, Inc, as COO, where he reduced internal expenses, while growing sales for over 70k clients. Jose delivers the total package of leader, mentor and loyal friend. He leads our team in one direction... for you to own a profitable service business!

Jeff Crandall

Jeff Crandall

VP of Sales and Client Service

Jeff is a customer service and sales specialist, with all the tools to help your business succeed, when it comes to customer interaction. Jeff brings over 15 years of experience in training and developing Customer Service Representatives, and understands customer interaction and sales process both live and over the phone. From his time spent in the U.S. Army Jeff brings a strong work ethic, and a team first attitude to Profit Rhino. Jeff is always available to answer technical or practical questions you have, and is committed to helping you take your business to the next level!

Deborah A. Frye

Deborah A. Frye

Co-Founder President

Deb is the catalyst behind Profit Rhino™. Deb entered the contracting business in 2006 after 17 years as a CFO for major corporations. Deb brought the systems and skills she used in the corporate setting to her contracting businesses including using menu pricing. The result was a 29% net profit while her competitors were losing money! Deb founded and operated multiple service and businesses including, Reliable Electric, Pool Surgeons®, RooterNOW®, ZippyRooter®, ZippyPower®, ZippyComfort®, ZippyPool® and ZippyLeak®. At Profit Rhino™, Deb brings her vast experience and systems to help other service contractors enjoy the type of success she had achieved...profitability, growth and personal freedom. With more than 20 years of experience growing small businesses for herself & others Deb can be counted on to make you money...oh, and to count the paperclips too!

Justin Slottje

Justin Slottje

Vice President of Technology

Justin is the technical process mastermind that puts our software solutions on the map! Justin’s high standards, unrelenting drive, and unparalleled tenacity toward developing better technological solutions is why Profit Rhino™ produces richer and more intuitive experiences for its end users. Justin successfully led development teams at Cleaner’s Supply Inc., where he oversaw the development of several world class E-commerce website launches. Justin also developed ingenious software to improve its distribution center and amazingly deliver same day shipping nation-wide on a warehouse of over 20,000 products. Producing the right solution that works for you rather than against you is what Justin is about and why service companies choose Profit Rhino™!

What our clients are saying…


Paid for itself day one!  My service techs are selling like crazy.

BonnieSunstate Plumbing, IncSunstate Plumbing Inc.

Upfront pricing has reduced collection and customer complaints.  Plus we are making consistent profits.  It’s a winner.

Roy Harmcor Plumbing & HeatingHarmcor Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Without menu pricing, my staff would be on the phone all day long with pricing questions.  A great system and great service!

Chris Chris Wilson Plumbing & Heating RepairChris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repair

Electrical service is complicated enough without pricing questions.  I show the customer the price and know in seconds if they want the work.

BobTrustworthy ElectricTrustworthy Electric

Our Partners

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