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Profit Pricer® Field Pricing Tool

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Profit Pricer®

Field Pricing Tool Specifically Designed to Produce a Consistent Predictable Profit for Special Order Items, Larger Jobs or Multiple Day Jobs not in the Price Book.

• Choose from five categories of gross profit set up in seconds…really like 5 seconds!
Throw away your calculatorstop second guessing your prices in the field
• Enter total labor and total costs. Boom! Get 3 choices Good Better & Best Pricing Options
Stop the phone calls to the office for special pricing of special order or multiple day repair jobs.

Let’s face it, pricing in field is hard…but with Profit Pricer®, Consistent Profits are Fast & Easy!

Every time one of your technicians sets a price in the field, you loose control of the profitability of your business. Employee calculation mistakes are the number one small business killer! Does your technician really know the profit you want to make on a job? With Profit Pricer® you remove the discretion but provide 3 choices of pricing for the customer. Your business ensures a consistent, predictable profit that Puts Money in Your Pocket from day one!
Think of Profit Pricer® as your accounting person in the field!


Link to PDF App for use on Android

Link to PDF App for use on Apple