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Profit Maker® Break Even Tool

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Profit Maker®

Break Even Tool Specifically Designed to be used with Your Profit Rhino Menu Price Book. Choose from Industry Standard or Custom

• Calculate your breakeven cost fast and easy
• No more spreadsheets or long hand math, use built in formulas for calculating numbers fast
• Fantastic “What If” Area where you can see how much to charge to make your dream profitability
• Know at a glance if you are making a profit


Did you know…

87% of Service Departments LOSE MONEY because they don’t know what it costs to run their shop?
Finding the RIGHT BREAK EVEN ensures that your budgeted costs are covered with every repair?
Getting an ACCURATE break even becomes a PROFIT MAKER for your business?
Takes 3 EASY STEPS to complete in 5 MINUTES OR LESS?
Break Even is the amount of money your business must make to pay all of the direct expenses before purchasing materials.
Think of Break Even as a “Roll the Tires” cost. Before you Roll the Tires, you have to know your cost and plan for that cost in your custom price book. We could spend hours explaining it but, that’s the nitty gritty of break even and why your business needs it!

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