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Pricing for Profit 101 – Norfolk, VA

$299.00 $79.00

Business coaching from the best in the industry.
In a 4 hour training get the info, tools, and guided practice you need to build accurate service pricing that cover costs, grows your business, and remove stress.

  • Determining what’s need to establish your profitable service pricing.
  • How to determine if you are making the profit you should.
  • How unapplied time is killing your profits and how to fix the problem.
  • The biggest pricing error most companies make in setting their service rates.
  • How to confidently raise your rates without losing customers.
  • Creating value that makes customers willing to pay more for your service.
  • Properly using flat rate to drive service profit.
  • How to increase your margins.
  • Presenting options in service work and how to increase your service ticket revenue by 80%.


Tuesday April 21st
8am – Noon
R.E. Michel – 2735 Ellsmere Ave, Norfolk, VA

Light Breakfast and Lunch will provided.