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Turn-Key and completely customizable products!

Rhino Integrate

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Real Time Integration
or Data Export

Rhino Service

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+ Mobile

Customer Management
+ Presentation Tool

Rhino Platform

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Robust Management Platform
+ Pre-built Flat Rate content for HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical


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Your Field Service Software+ Our Content
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Integrate + Platform
I need a Flat Rate Price Book that integrates with my FSM.


+ Success Training*

Our Content
+ Mobile Sales Tool
+ Light FSM ?
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 Service +  Platform
I need a way to manage customers and invoices, along with a mobile sales tool for presenting options and flat rate pricing.

$55/month per User

+ Success Training*

Your Field Services Software

+ Our Content
+ Mobile Sales Tool

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Integrate +  Service +  Platform
I have a FSM but I need a flat rate price book that can integrate with it, along with a mobile sales tool for presenting options and flat rate pricing.

$189/month + $55/month per user

+ Success Training*

Success Training
We guarantee successful implementation $1,499

Our hand in hand success training and customization program guarantees a successful implementation of your new flat rate price book, service platform or real time integration. We go above and beyond to ensure that your technicians will use our products in the field and feel confident in doing so. Our success training spans 4-5 weeks and covers the full set up and customization of your book, technician training, admin training and more.