$ 49* per

  • Choose any trade
    Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical
  • Includes Images and Diagrams
    for Every Task
  • Includes Dynamic
    Quote Builder
  • Includes Dynamic Option Builder
    with financing options
  • Includes over 100 pre-built
    Option templates
  • Free mobile app for Ipad
    or Android tablets
  • Price is per field user,
    office users are FREE
  • * $799 Flat Rate Success Program required with subscription



WEEK 2-3


Our "hand in hand" training and customization program "Flat Rate Success" guarantees a successful implementation and that your technician will be using our flat rate book in the field! This training includes technician sales training on how to use option sheets and help increase your average ticket size by 100-200%. No more technician coming back from a service call with just the diagnostics fee!


Can I import my book into Profit Rhino’s platform?

That’s easy!  We will accept your file and upload it to your new Rhino Menu Pricing™ System.  You must first purchase the import option. Just save the file onto your desktop and attach it to an email.  Send it to  Our import option ranges $599 to $1,199 depending on your data.

How do I set up my prices and information?

Once you register for your selected trade, there is a step by step setup wizard that will walk you through how to fill in each field of information.  If you don’t understand something there is a small question mark to the right of every field.  Click on the question mark and see an expanded explanation of each field.  If you need more training, support can be purchased separately.

Are there additional costs?

There are additional features that you may choose to add to your Rhino Menu Pricing™ System.  We offer Rhino Care for support and there is a starter at no charge.

Is support included?

Rhino Menu Pricing™ includes a step by step setup wizard and tutorial videos that make start up a snap.   A combination of training and support packages are available.

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

Yes and yes.  Changing plans is easy, you may upgrade or down grade your plans at any time.  However, the entire month will be billed for the last plan you chose.  Although we want to you as a customer forever, you may cancel at any time.  You will be billed for the full month for the plan but, will not be billed again once you cancel.

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