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I first started using Profit Rhino a month ago.  I started my company off on T&M, and wasn’t able to make much of a profit this way.  I was familiar with flat rate/ menu pricing due to working at a national franchise, and honestly it is the format most companies use now days.  After looking online for a couple days for flat rate pricing software I was a bit taken aback when I realized this was going to cost me $1500- $2000!  I then found Your company and was able to rent the software for a small fee and your sales rep Jeff Crandall (who was great!) Was able to punch in my break even, and profit % with my desired material mark up for me and in minutes it had the perfect price book!!!  I have been astonished and will be a long time customer of Profit Rhino.  The price book is fully customizable at the click of a button.  Unwanted tasks are also easily removed.  Thank you so very much for helping make my company successfull, I went from making $600 a week to now bringing in $4-8k a week!   As a new small family owned and operated company, this has been a game changer for me!

JamesSincerely, James Owner of Hydrostatic Plumbing www.hydrostaticplumbing.biz
Jason Ball

I have personally been dealing with Flat Rate Pricing books for about 15 years now. They are usually a struggle to get them to work for your company. Profit Rhino has been working very hard for us to get a platform that we can use beyond just being a Flat Rate book. We definitely didn’t go to the back of the bus after purchasing their book. Their whole staff has been working with us to build a book that flows properly for the technician and the customer. The staff at Profit Rhino will work very hard to help you implement this book. I am personally thrilled with my choice to have gone with Profit Rhino.

Jason Ball Arctic Bear Plumbing, Heating, & Air www.arcticbearinc.com

Upfront pricing has reduced collection and customer complaints.  Plus we are making consistent profits.  It’s a winner.

RoyHarmcor Plumbing & Heatingwww.harmcor.com

Without menu pricing, my staff would be on the phone all day long with pricing questions.  A great system and great service!

ChrisChris Wilson Plumbing & Heating Repair www.chriswilsonplumbing.com

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