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Profit Rhino VS ServiceTitan

There is a new pricebook on the market being offered by ServiceTitan and many are left wondering about the difference is between their new flat rate pricing and our existing integration. So why are so many ServiceTitan customers sticking with Profit Rhino’s pricebook?

So what’s the Profit Rhino Advantage?

  • Lifetime hand-in-hand implementation and training when new employees join your team! Call, we are available and ready to help!
  • Concise pre-built flat rate book- Our content is proven to cover 90% of the most common repairs, backed by 5 years of empirical data and analysis.
  • Industry expert support – Staff members with 30-40 years of experience in the industry that can talk “contractor” to help you with your pricing strategy ensuring each repair is profitable.
  • Platform functionality– No price book is going to cover all repairs. Based on user feedback we have built simple tools that allow you to manage your book with minimal effort.
  • Tired of managing your pricing? With the Callahan Roach merger we’ll be releasing Managed Content with new repairs, quarterly parts cost update, and OEM section.

Go here to watch a demo of our ServiceTitan integration!

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