The 6 Flat Rate Myths: Debunked

Find out more about why homeowners, techs, and business owners prefer to use flat rate pricing and how to debunk the myths.

1. Gouging

Flat rate is not a way to pack prices, but a way to present pricing. When you buy a hamburger, you do not pay separate for the labor & materials.

2. Tech Resistance

Flat rate is easier for techs because there are no calculations or worrying about customers watching the clock.

3. Perfect Prices

Don’t wait to start offering flat rate until every task is perfect. There are methods for quickly pricing or adjusting as you go.

4. One Long Job

Contractors hesitate because of the fear of that one never-ending job where they would lose money. One job is balanced by others.

5. You Can Do Better

Many contractors spend 100’s of hours creating their own flat rate system, which often never gets implemented. What a waste!

6. Updates Cost Too Much

Some put off updates because of the expense, but a flat rate investment has an almost immediate return.

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